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Nekko pouch Kitten Tuna Mouse With Salmon 70g

৳ 80.00

Made from finest quality tuna through cooking process and turned into delicate spongy mousse.Goat milk create high palatability, easily to digest and source of essential nutrients.Taurine+Omega3, Vitamin E, Calcium are also added for the better health of your pet.

Nekko Pouch Cat Food Tuna Topping Kanikama In Jelly 70gm

৳ 80.00
Nekko Tuna Topping Kanikama in Jelly Cat Food Contains Calcium which helps to build strong bones and teeth,Omega 3,6 improving nourish skin and coat,Taurine is an amino acid that is needed. Assist in the vision and work of the coronary arteries. Limonite is a mineral found in Southern Japan, Helps reduced smell of excrement and urine. Vitamin E help protect damage caused by face radicals of your pet.

Nekko Pouch Kitten Chicken Mousse 70gm

৳ 80.00
  • Food for kittens 1 month and above.
  • Chicken Mousse for kittens.
  • Made from selected chicken meat as well.
  • The soft texture of the mousse allows the kitten to eat more easily.
  • With the benefits of various nutrients that are useful and necessary for the growth of kittens.

Nekko pouch Tuna topping Sasami 70gm

৳ 80.00
Tuna Topping Shirasu in Jelly is produce from-well selected tuna. Our Tuna is well-cooked which bring out great aroma and delicious taste which will be your cat’s favorite deprived of artificial colors, flavours and preservative.

Nekko Pouch Tuna Topping shirasu 70g

৳ 80.00
Made from 100% real meat and fish, does not contain artificial flavors, colors and preservatives Delightful chunks of meat sets it apart from other pouch food brands, perfect for your cat’s ultimate indulgence Stunning pouch design, perfect for cat owners on the go

Nekko Tuna Mousse (Kitten) Pouch Cat Food 70g

৳ 80.00
Nekko Pouch Cat Food for kittens is specially crafted through a meticulous production process. The quality of ingredients are not compromised while designed for the smooth texture that is highly digestible. Your kittens are sure to be drawn to the savoury aroma of a freshly opened pouch that's made from all 100% real tuna. No reformed meat, and made without any artificial flesh and preservatives. It contains various supplements such as Taurine, Omega 3, Vitamin E and Prebiotics that are essential to boosting your kittens' healths and immune systems while growing up. Feel safe to indulge your kittens with a pouch of tuna mousse that is packed with goodness, a meal they would surely love!