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Soft without wounds Nipple feeder For Dogs and Cats

৳ 350.00
Soft without wounds Nipple feeder 
Product Features:
 The nipple feeder complies with the baby's sucking habits, making feeding more relaxed and soft without wounds, making your pet healthy and happy.
Stir the powder or solution in a mixing cup before use. Tilt the medication cup slightly, pull the push rod to suck out the medication, slowly push the medication into the baby's mouth, and do not push too quickly, so as not to choke the baby.
 Please clean it before use, put it in a professional disinfection cabinet for disinfection, clean it with clean water after use, and put it in a cool and dry place. Do not use metal brushes and abrasive powder to avoid scratching the surface of the product. Please don't let the baby be used as a toy. Do not approach the source of ignition. Please follow the doctor's advice, the dosage of the dispenser is for reference only.
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