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Moving fish toy for cat

৳ 450.00

The electric fish can be moved automatically and USES a detachable power supply. You can charge it with a USB cable. This energetic fish toy can stimulate the cat's mood and relieve the cat's stress. This realistic moving toy looks like a real fish and is perfect for cats to bite, chew and kick. Made from cotton and short wool, it is soft, free of chemicals or harmful substances, and will not damage a cat's PAWS.

Specifications: Materials: cotton and plush. Battery: 320 mah. Size: about 30 cm. Color:show as picture. Battery type:lithium ion battery

Note: this electric fish dances only when the cat touches it. This saves energy and you don't have to turn it on and off too often.

Package Included: 1x stuffed pet toy. 1x USB cable.