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Mito Adult Cat Food Chicken & Fish 15kg

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Product description

  MITO ADULT CAT FOOD WITH CHICKEN AND FISH Mito adult cat dry food is formulated for adult cats to provide good body condition and meet all nutritional requirements. At the same time, the proportion of Taurine, an essential nutrient, has been increased for healthy nervous system development. Mito Mix Adult Cat content uses more vegetables, namely vegetable proteins, compared to our other cat foods. It is prepared for adult cats of all breeds. Mito has the cellulose values necessary to help expel hairballs. It has been focused sensitively on balancing the pH and mineral content of the foods in order to reduce the risk of problems with the urinary system, such as urinary stones and crystals. PERFECT FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PET This dry food provides a delicious variety of flavors and is perfect for your indoor or outdoor pet that is easy to digest. In the production of Mito Mix, EU approved colorants are used, which are suitable for human health. The same colorants, it is also used in pasta, cake, and cookie making. ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS Protein 29.00%, Fat Content 13.00%, Ash 8.50%, Crude Fiber 2.50%, Omega 6 3.96%, Omega 3 0.72%. DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS Vitamin A 10000,00 IU / Kg, Vitamin D3 600,00 IU / Kg, Vitamin E 60,00 mg / Kg, Vitamin C 10,00 mg / Kg, Taurine 1200,00 mg / Kg, Niacin 68,00 mg / Kg, Copper (as Sulphate) 13,00 mg / Kg, Zinc (as Sulphate) 65,00 mg / Kg, Zinc (as Chelate) 15,00 mg / Kg, Manganese (as Sulphate) 24,00 mg / Kg. cat food, dry cat food, cat food dry, adult cat food, sensitive cat food, grain free cat food dry, cat food dry 15kg, dry cat food 15kg, natural cat food, sensitive cat food dry, dry cat food 15kg, dry cat food 15 kg, cat food dry adult, cat food for urinary system