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Haisenpet Premium Cat Food with Tuna, Salmon And Mackerel 7kg

৳ 2,850.00
  • Haisenpet Premium Cat Food: Complete & Balanced Nutrition
  • Specifically formulated for cats aged 1 year and older
  • Maintains pure European quality standards
  • Tuna, Salmon & Mackerel flavors for irresistible appeal
  • Color-free for top-class quality nutrition
  • Provides 100% essential nutrients for healthy growth
  • High-quality ingredients sourced from nature
  • Rich in amino acids for maintaining muscle mass
  • Optimum fat for high energy and essential fatty acids for a shiny coat
  • Includes all necessary vitamins for body functions and immune system enhancement
  • Contains minerals for strong bones and teeth
  • Added Omega 3 & 6 for a beautiful coat and healthy skin
  • Extra probiotics & prebiotics for boosted immunity
  • Taurine Plus for proper eye & brain function