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Super Vit Versele Laga – 2 Double Wallets per 01Pack

৳ 110.00 ৳ 100.00
Colombine Supervit : a world-famous vitamin preparation.A vitamin complex and trace elements in powder form: 10 vitamins and 5 trace elements, packaged separately. Separate packaging, airtight to air and moisture, allows a longer lasting preservation of vitamins. Soluble in water, but can also be mixed with the feed.   Pack of 20 double wallets.

Versele-Laga No Pick – 100ml – Deters Chewing by Birds

৳ 1,400.00


No Pick has a bitter taste which can be used to help deter your bird from feather plucking and self mutilation. Also useful to help protect nestlings from being feather plucked by parent birds.

Witte Molen PLUS WM FORTE 25g

৳ 250.00
WM Forte is een wateroplosbare vitamine met sporenelementen welke als ideale aanvulling tijdens de rui en bij weerstandsvverlies en stress gebruikt kan worden. Daarnaast verhoogt het de vruchtbaarheid en broeduitkomsten.   Product By :Belgium